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Server Features

What makes Lumina RO the best mid-rate server?
You can check out our Server Information if you wish to learn more about the settings.

Mentoring System
Level Progression Rewards

Get rewards for reaching certain milestones. You'll also be notified about the new features to be made available for you.

Happy Hour
Mobile Client Feature

Play anytime, and anywhere with the mobile client. It's easy to install. APK is downloadable in the downloads page. *Android exclusive

Happy Hour
Multiple Server Proxy

Server offers a selection of different proxy servers which will be held in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America. This is to have a stable connection within the server for all players in the world.

Automated Events
Lumina's Blessing

Receive 10% more experience and a chance to double drop rate of items gained from monters. Blessing is activated during Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Freyja's Blessing
World Boss Invasion

Adventurers cooperate to fight hordes of zombies and World Boss. Do you have what it takes to fight the beast? World Boss invades every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Playtime Rewards
Exclusive Battleground

Tired of seeing the common modes in Battleground? Say no more! Lumina RO offers new modes such as Poring Ball, Touchdown, Clash Royale, Revamped Player Stats, and Rankings!

Level Up Rewards
Daily Login Rewards

Get rewarded every time you log in. Consecutive daily login will entitle you to greater rewards.

Daily Login Rewards
Hourly Points Rewards

Stay and play in-game for several hours and merit hourly points! Rewards will definitely boost your grinding times.

Voting Rewards
Automated Events

Never get bored grinding while participating automated events at time. Rewards are exclusively only for these events! You may see the schedule below.

Referral Rewards
Daily Quests & Bounty

Daily Quest are available once you reach the level milestone. Completing all the daily quests in a given tasks provides a reward.

Referral Rewards
Fishing & Mining Feature

Once you reached the level milestone to unlock these features, you will be able to partake mining and fishing for limited time daily. More information available in-game!

Referral Rewards
Referral System

Get rewarded for inviting a friend. We appreciate everyone's effort to bring their friends in the community.

Referral Rewards
Monthly Premium Subscriber System

We offer exclusive rewards for monthly subscribers that supports the server. Examples of these are increased rates and exclusive commands. The game will always be free-to-play.

Referral Rewards
Streamer's Lounge

We value and appreciate the hardwork of streamers to promote our server, in exchange we offer them prestigious rewards and an exclusive area with their respective logo's in the maintown.

Referral Rewards
New Player Package & Guild Packages

As part of encouraging new players to try out the server, we offer the best newbie friendly packages for Guild Packs and New Player. Want to know more? Visit out Forums!


Development Roadmap

Content updates come regularly. New episodes bring new locations, classes, mobs, MVPs, quests, events, and more. You will never feel bored!
Be up-to-date with content updates, and rebuild the history of Rune-Midgard.

Episode 1.0

Start of the Adventure

August 2020

Episode 2.0


August 2020

Episode 3.0


August 2020

Episode 4.0

War of Emperium

August 2020

Episode 5.0


August 2020

Episode 6.0

Global Project

September 2020

Episode 7.0

Umbala ~ Village of the Utan Tribe

September 2020

Episode 8.0

Niflheim ~ City of the Dead

October 2020

Episode 9.0

Rebirth Job System

October 2020

Episode 10.0

The Republic of Schwarzwald

November 2020

Episode 11.0

The Religious Nation, Arunafeltz

November 2020


Events Schedule

Please take note that our timezone is GMT +8 (Singapore).

Time World Boss Dice Event Find the Mushroom Poring Catcher Last Man Standing
12:00 AM/PM 12:10 PM
01:00 AM/PM
02:00 AM/PM
03:00 AM/PM 03:10 AM
04:00 AM/PM
05:00 AM/PM
06:00 AM/PM 06:10 AM
07:00 AM/PM
08:00 AM/PM
09:00 AM/PM 09:10 AM
10:00 AM/PM
11:00 AM/PM