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Server Information

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Basic Info

Rate & Stats
Max Base Lvl 99
Max Job Lvl 70
Experience Rate (Non-rebirth) 40.00x
Experience Rate (Rebirth) 40.00x
Quest Experience Rate 7x
Drop Rate 20x
Card Drop Rate 10x
MVP Equip Drop 15x
MVP Card Drop 10x
Instant Cast 150 DEX
Max Attack Speed 190
Max Stat 99
Instant Cast 150 DEX
Server Host Location United States
Proxy Servers Support United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Singapore
Current Episode 12: Destruction of Morroc | Pre-renewal
Available Classes Transcendent Classes & Expanded Classes (No 3rd Job)
Client Security Gepard Shield 3.0
Battlegrounds Battleground 3.0 (Heavily Customized)
Main Language English
Job Change System Job Changer NPC Available with Platinum Skills
MVP Cards Disabled during WoE
God Items Disabled
War of Emperium Classic Vanilla WoE Style
Mobile Client Available (Android)
Maximum Clients 2 clients
Healer (with Auto-Repair) Available
Card Remover Available
Stat/Skill Resetter Available
Plagiarism NPC Available
Field, & Dungeon Warper Available (Level 1 access)
Identifier Available

Player Commands

You may use the @commands in-game to see the full list.


Enables you to automatically loot items dropped from monsters that you killed


To set a security password to enable item and character protection


To see the monster's details, such as stats, experience, and drops


To set login configurations to disable/enable announcements and channels


To be notified when you killed a player with player name.


To sync your client with the server's current data; useful when some mobs or players are out of position


To create a clone of yourself advertising something, which you can leave with an opened chat room


To auto-feed pets and homunculus while playing or afk. This should be enabled in @loginsettings.


Enables playing with effects off with simplified skill effects on to reduce lag created by excessive skill spam.


To display a list of players who are currently buying or selling certain items, including their prices and quantity


* The server offers exclusive commands for Premium Subscribers & Legacy Subscribers.

Custom Server Modifications

Here are the things we've modified from the original settings

  • Players can't be killed using Poison Bottle
  • There will be a 1% penalty on base and job experience upon death.
  • Cast ground skills are immediately removed when the caster dies.
  • The grace period when picking up monster drops has been increased from 3 to 30 seconds.
  • Party gap level increased to 15.
  • Players will receive 15% bonus experience for every member in their party.
  • Idle party members will not receive experience.
  • Guild Alliance is disabled.
  • Maximum Guild Capacity reduced to 64, including the Guild Leader.

Client Bank System: Disabled
Navigation System: Disabled
World Map: Disabled
Achievement System: Disabled
Rodex Mail: Enabled
Attendance System: Enabled

  • God Items are disabled and its quest.
  • Golden Thief Bug Card – Nullify all magic spells by 40%, including supportive skills that target the owner at the cost of doubling SP Consumption when using skills. Maximum HP and SP of the user are also decreased by 50%.
  • Halter Lead is disabled in PVP Rooms.
  • Dead Branch and Bloody Bloody Branch can only be summoned in specific maps.
  • Lowered the selling rate of Pantie and Undershirt to 5 z.
  • Lowered the selling rate of Flail dropped by Petite.
  • Starcrumb drop rate of Miyabi Doll had been lowered from 100% to 20%.
  • Mastela Fruit drop rate of Tengu had been lowered from 5% to 22.5%.
  • Shinobi Sash drop rate of Shinobi had been lowered from 3% to 20%.
  • Royal Jelly drop rate of Zipper Bear had been lowered to 15%
  • Honey drop rate of Zipper Bear had been lowered to 20%.
  • Royal Jelly drop rate of Enchanted Peach Tree had been lowered to 15%.
  • Cheese drop rate of Taoist Hermit had been lowered to 25%.
  • Max Reflect Damage to MVP's is based on user's HP.
  • Mob spawn has been increased by 100%. MVPs are not affected.
  • MVP Monsters' HP has been increased by 200%.
  • All MvP Monsters had been modified to drop Donation Shards by a small chance.
  • Mobs scatter as soon as they lose their target.
  • Provoked mobs will always change target to the provoking player, even if they would usually not change target on attack.
  • Looter monsters will loot the closest items to them. Before it loots the oldest to newest item.
  • Lowered the drop rate of Great Nature from Sleeper
  • Lowered the drop rate of Ice Pick and Combat Knife
  • Disabled the skill of Mi Gao Metamorphosis
  • Lowered Enchanted Peach Tree's Royal Jelly drop rate to 4%
  • Geffenia and The Sign Quest are permanently disabled
  • Moscovia has been permanently disabled
  • Decreased the drop rate of Crystal Blue from Mushrooms to 1%.
  • Majoruros and Minorous' movement speed has been increased.
  • Witherless Rose drop rate adjusted to 2% from Wild Rose.
  • Mastela Fruit drop rate adjusted to 10% from Grand Peco.
  • Banned Items:
    • Guyak Pudding
    • Speed Potion
    • Mini-Boss Cards
    • MVP Cards
  • Banned Skills:
    • Battle Chant
    • Abracadabra
    • Mind Breaker
    • Marionette Control
    • Loki's Veil
    • Battle Theme
    • Harmonic Lick
    • Acoustic Rhythm
    • High Jump.
  • Guild Alliance is disabled.
  • Creating a new guild is disabled during siege.
  • Inviting Members during siege is disabled.
  • Loki's Veil is disabled during WoE.

Skills Modification

  • Endure – Doesn't give MDEF bonus. Doesn't cancel after being hit 7 times.
  • Defending Aura – Fixed 30% ASPD reduction regardless of level.
  • Dispell – 10% chance of failing inside WoE and PVP
  • Double Strafe – Consumes 2 arrows
  • Arrow Shower – Consumes 3 arrows
  • Trap Skills will no longer affect guildmates during WoE
  • Fury is still usable by SNs who have reached 99/99.
  • Spirit of Super Novice Scroll can be purchased in Al De Baran. (will be disabled once Soul Linker is available)
  • Throw Stone – 40% chance to stun.
  • Sprinkle Sand – 35% chance to blind and has 3 seconds cooldown. Range has been increased as well.
  • Teleport – Can be switched back to level 1 to skip teleportation menu
  • @memo does not work in MvP maps.
  • Snap – Will still require 1 sphere regardless if the user is at Fury State
  • Asura Strike – 8 seconds fixed cooldown
  • Asura Strike can be snap dodged.
  • Marine Sphere and Flora summoned by Alchemist will not drop any item.
  • Demonstration requires Red Gemstone instead of Fire Bottle.
  • Reduced Zeny Cost of Mammonite to half. (500 zeny at Max Level)