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Be a streamer. Be an ambasaddor.

Advertise, enjoy, and get rewarded for playing!


Be part of a community that you can be proud of. Grow together as the server progresses.


We are built to last for a decades and not for months.


We run the server professionally and that's why our players love us. And they will love you, too!


How do I become a streamer?

Here are the things you'd need to become a streamer:

  • You must have at least 200 followers on Facebook or 50 followers on Twitch.
  • You must have a microphone and a camera to communicate with your followers.
  • You must stream at least 2 hours for every day that he/she decides to stream.
  • You must interact with your fans in-game and host mini-events for them (optional).
  • Your profile must be presentable and professional-looking.
  • You can only advertise your channel in LuminaRO platform once a day.
How to join?
  • Message us in any of the following platforms. Facebook, Discord, or Forums
  • Submit your page/profile together with your streaming schedule.
  • Download the streamer’s kit and apply it to your stream.
  • The team will review your application and will contact you for onboarding should you pass the assessment.
What do I get for being an Ambassador?
  1. Daily 100 Stars or 200 Bits support from Lumina Ragnarok Online when you surpassed 20 viewers daily. This is only sent once a day.
  2. Streamer Commission Card -This is used as a reference for your Streamer Referral Code. During your livestream, if someone donated using your referral code, the player will receive 10% more Donation Bonus, and you will receive 10% of the total amount that the player donated as cash. This is only applicable if the streamer is currently live!
  3. Ambassador Card -This item authenticates that you are authorized to sell 1x Daily Streamer Support Pack which you can sell for 100 stars or 200 bits during your livestream. The player who will buy the package will only be allowed to purchase once daily.

Benefits of becoming a streamer

You'll be rewarded based on your output.


As soon as you get onboard, you will receive a Streamer Welcome Package that will contain the following:

  • 1x Premium VIP for 10 Days
  • 5x Elite Siege Supply Box
  • 1x Battle Manual Box
  • 1x Job Manual Box
  • 1x Bubble Gum Box
  • 1x Kafra Card Box
  • 1x Increase Agility Box
  • 1x Blessing Box
  • 1x Streamer Ticket
  • 1x Streamer Surprise Box
  • 1x Streamer's Megaphone- This is used to broadcast in-game
  • 2x Elite Siege Box
  • 3x Streamer Ticket
  • 1x Streamer Surprise Box
  • 20x Donation Shards
1,000 Weekly Views 3s Views (Facebook) / 100 Unique Views (Twitch)
  • 5$ or 250PHP worth of Donation In-Game Currency
2,000 Weekly Views 3s Views (Facebook) / 200 Unique Views (Twitch)
  • 10$ or 500PHP worth of Donation In-Game Currency
3,000 Weekly 3s Views (Facebook) / 300 Unique Views (Twitch)
  • 15$ or 750PHP worth of Donation In-Game Currency
4,000 Weekly 3s Views (Facebook) / 400 Unique Views (Twitch)
  • 20$ or 1000PHP worth of Donation In-Game Currency
5,000 Weekly 3s Views (Facebook) / 500 Unique Views (Twitch)
  • 25$ or 1250PHP worth of Donation In-Game Currency

* Benefits are subject to change without prior notice